Hal Conte

Metaverse Collides With Reality at CES 2022

Trade expos and global tech fairs might not light up the mind like they did in their heyday last century, when the 1939 World’s Fair in New York projected a fantasy of a consumerist utopia. Nevertheless, the return of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in person (at least...
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Posted Jan. 31, 2022

Writers at Risk, and what we can do at Warwick

Writers are still at risk, even in the 21st century, as they try to have their voices heard. Hal Conte explores the worrying precedent of writers being the subject of free speech crackdowns, and explores what we can do to help.
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Posted Nov. 17, 2021

The rise of NFTs in the art world- and what they mean

What are NFTs? And what role do they play in the art world today? Hal Conte takes a look at the upcoming NFT auction by Accursed Share and considers the implications of this new digital medium of art, looking ahead to their significant effect on art sales and production in the foreseeable future.
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Posted Nov. 2, 2021