Darcey Edkins

How can universities support the BLM movement?

The Black Lives Matter movement has inspired millions of people across the world. But, what can universities do to support the movement, and how can students raise awareness for these issues? As a white person, it is hard to imagine the extent to which racism affects the day-to-day lives of...
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Posted Aug. 12, 2020

Male sexual assault: a hidden crisis

TW: Rape, sexual assault This past April was sexual assault awareness month, and whilst issues related to consent remain incredibly important for both sexes, there has been little support shown for the male victims of sexual assault.The narrative surrounding sexual violence focuses on women and children, ignoring the highly stigmatised...
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Posted May. 15, 2020

Guided tours: to go or not to go?

Guided tours are a great way to explore various travel destinations. They can offer useful information on the country you are visiting and the opportunity to meet new people. But there are also disadvantages to booking a guided tour. Such a packed itinerary can be stressful, especially if your ideal holiday is to feel as relaxed as possible. Below are some pros and cons of choosing a guided tour, and why safety should be your top priority.
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Posted Apr. 1, 2020

Safe student travel: the FCO’s Travel Aware campaign

With gap years and study abroad semesters becoming more commonplace, students are constantly exposed to new opportunities that could take them abroad. But we often take so many things for granted, such as travel safety, insurance and respecting the local laws and customs. That is why the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has set up the Travel Aware campaign.
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Posted Mar. 26, 2020