Hamish Inglis

Game of the Year 2018: Celeste

Celeste is a masterpiece that could have stood out for its expertly crafted levels alone, but its utterly relatable story of overcoming self-doubt put this game from Matt Makes Games Inc. at the pinnacle of the medium. You play as Madeline, a young woman who set out to conquer Celeste...
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Posted Jan. 9, 2019

Dead men tell no tales pt. 2

The closure came almost out of nowhere. Telltale was shutting down. When the dust settled only 25 people remained, a skeleton crew tasked with finishing a Minecraft: Story Mode project for Netflix. The 250 others, given 30 minutes to leave the building and told that their healthcare benefits would end...
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Posted Oct. 25, 2018

Why are video games still America’s scapegoat?

Are video games too violent? The 90s era debate conjures images of panicked parents screaming, “Think of the children!” and politicians clambering to draft statements on issues they know next to nothing about. It’s re-entered the mainstream after remarks made by the United States’ president in the weeks following February’s...
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Posted Apr. 5, 2018

Judging the value of video games

Gaming is not the cheapest of pastimes. Modern consoles run upwards of £200, and then on top of that, most games fall around £40 to £50. In recent years, a once fledgling indie scene has flourished with masterpieces which cost significantly less than their AAA counterparts, though these titles often...
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Posted Mar. 7, 2018