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SuperEpic: Switch Review – 2:1


SuperEpic is a fantastic metroidvania, which shows true love for all of gaming. Its respect of not only classic console but classic mobile games demonstrates the care which has been put into generating this amazing title. SuperEpic really is a must-play for video game fans and makes a fantastic addition to your games library on console or PC. It truly deserves its 2:1!

In a strange alternate reality world, all of gaming is ruled over by one mega-corporation, RegnantCorp. The pig ruled organisation have enslaved most of the world with their mindless mobile games, though a nostalgic few cling tightly to classic hits without gross monetization. Tantan and Ola, a racoon and their llama steed, infiltrate the organisation and are on a journey to save all of gaming. Their success is in our hands.

What makes this game truly stand out, beyond its engaging story, is its QR code integration. As you travel (the offices) you will come across QR codes on the walls which can be scanned opening up recreations of notable mobile games like Crossy Road and Candy Crush. Beating specific challenges in these games will give you codes, earning you rewards in SuperEpic, like cash and useful items. The codes were perfectly implemented, it always felt cool to discover them and the challenges, whilst sometimes tough, were appropriately difficult.

The actual in-game contents were equally brilliant as the out of game components. The music for each area was fun and catchy and the art direction made every location feel distinct. The combat was equally fun to master. The basic attacks were simple to implement but it was a joy to create appropriate combos and counters for the variety of enemies that I faced. 

My time with SuperEpic has been a blast

Boss battles were also a joy, though maybe a little on the easy side. If you are as completionist as I am. By the time that the big bads stepped in my path, I had managed to grind out enough upgrades and found items to boost my stats sufficiently to make swift effort of the challenges.

Though 100% completion is a hefty challenge, requiring you to scour the map multiples times in order to locate every last collectable and upgrade. This is certainly helped by how enjoyable the map is to traverse. It would be helped if the in-game map colour coded the different floors so that you can tell which section a certain room is in without having to visit it.

These minor complaints definitely do not ruin the overall experience, but when a true ending is hidden behind certain tasks it would be helpful if the game provided just a little more assistance in finishing them. Despite this, my time with SuperEpic has been a blast. I have loved every second I have spent on TanTan’s adventure and I am excited to see what Numskull Games make next!


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