Emma Worrall

“A playground of soundscapes”: Hymns for Robots review

Hymns for Robots doesn’t really feel like a play. There is no real sense of beginning and end. Without sounding too pretentious (something the play also tries to avoid), it is more of a series of sketches about Delia Derbyshire’s life while at the same time creating a playground of...
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Posted Oct. 2, 2018

Hormones review: “This is a play about your life”

It has always seemed odd to me how little art is made about students, considering how many young people are going through this odyssey. Other than Channel 4’s Fresh Meat, the process of sticking 18-22-year-olds all together usually many miles away from their parents, ripe as it is for drama...
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Posted Jun. 6, 2018

The art of the strike: getting creative on the picket line

It has been a colourful few weeks on campus with the strike in full force. Amongst the official UCU signs held up by striking staff members were placards with memes on them. Cher and Stewie Griffin could be spotted advocating for fair pensions. Students got creative: a new yellow banner...
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Posted Mar. 26, 2018

Are the Man Booker Prize’s rules fair?

Thirty publishers have written to the Booker Prize Foundation, which judges the prestigious Man Booker Prize, asking it to exclude American writers from the competition. This would mean the reversal of a rule change in 2014 which allowed all novels written in English to be included in the prize, as...
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Posted Mar. 12, 2018

The government shouldn’t be meddling in the no-platforming debate

Former Universities Minister Jo Johnson, acting as a belated Father Christmas, brought us all a present this past Boxing Day in the form of a new series of measures to punish universities that participate in “no-platforming”. Bored of getting along with family members at Christmas (he presumably thought), then why...
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Posted Jan. 26, 2018

Our guide to the best theatre of 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen at least a couple of Best of Theatre 2017 lists and had that sinking feeling of disappointment and wondered. How did I not know this or that was going on? To avoid this, here’s our guide to the shows which we’re looking forward...
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Posted Jan. 8, 2018

Are Warwick’s reading lists diverse?

At the beginning of term, you may have heard about the push at Cambridge University to “decolonise” their literature reading lists and include more BAME writers. This effort was led partly by Lola Olufemi, Women’s Officer at Cambridge SU, who was then targeted by The Telegraph’s headline “Student forces Cambridge...
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Posted Dec. 1, 2017