Tim Arstall

Warwick talent Grain Death track review

When people ask me who my favourite bands are, I list off the usual culprits as an indie kid lost in modern melancholy, still pointlessly pining for 2006’s second coming. Muse, Foals, Wild Beasts and then the odd local band from my beloved Birmingham. Soon however, I come to the...
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Posted Nov. 13, 2016

SKITFEST Preview: Friday 13 May

Hidden in the underground of Britain’s second city lies a music scene drenched in vibrancy, talent and unmatched wit. Birmingham’s upcoming rap scene was something I would have previously addressed with the same kind of eye roll as a Kanye West soliloquy, or a Piers Morgan column in the Sunday...
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Posted May. 11, 2016

Over the Top (Gear)

Tim Arstall takes a look at the accusations of controversy levied against the infamous Top Gear team, both in light of their recent hounding out of Argentina and previous incidents.
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Posted Nov. 14, 2014