Skitfest lineup. Image: Jack Parker

SKITFEST Preview: Friday 13 May

Hidden in the underground of Britain’s second city lies a music scene drenched in vibrancy, talent and unmatched wit.

Live rap at the Sunflower Lounge. Image: Jack Parker

Birmingham’s upcoming rap scene was something I would have previously addressed with the same kind of eye roll as a Kanye West soliloquy, or a Piers Morgan column in the Sunday Mirror. However after discovering a night known as SKIT, my eyes were well and truly opened. It takes place in the Sunflower Lounge, a tiny venue just by New Street station and normally boasts an entry price equivalent to a medium Big John’s meal at £3 per ticket (if you’re a Brummie, you’ll get me). It’s the kind of value students crave with between three and four artists at a standard, bi-monthly event.

Having been to several SKITs, I have seen a wide range of artists from Lady Sanity – an upcoming Glastonbury performer with lyrical depth that even Kendrick would tip his cap at, to the amazing Phundo Art, a larger than life character from Walsall who’s speed and flow on recently released track ‘Wasabi’ has a bigger kick than the paste it shares its name with. I even saw a 6’9 gansta rapper by the name of Big Dog Yogo – he’s a big teddy bear in real life, I promise, he just likes his Hennessy and Cheese.

Lady Sanity. Image: Jack Parker

Lady Sanity. Image: Jack Parker


All of this considered, I was pretty pleased to hear that this Friday, 13 (great night for a gig right?) SKIT was moving for one night only to the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath for the creatively dubbed SKIT Fest. You may recognise the venue’s name – in the past it has played host to the likes of Editors, Ed Sheeran and Klaxons, the latter of whom brought along a little known actress called Kiera Knightley. Apparently, she was spontaneously strolling the streets of my beloved hometown- if ever there was a day I regret not going further afield than Asda for a pint of milk, alas it was then. But reigning things back on topic SKIT fest is the culmination of all the amazing underground rap music I’ve seen and more. Instead of three or four artists, there are SIX, instead of just three hours of action, the fun goes on from 8pm til 2am. And how much more for all this you ask? Well… it’s free. FREE. Six of Birmingham’s finest upcoming rappers, six hours of entertainment, and it’s literally as cheap as breathing. Even Jin’s at Canon Park haven’t started giving food away for free yet, and their 99p baguettes make McDonalds look like the Marriott.

So honestly, if you’re stuck for something to do this Friday and are not busy burying your head in a large pile of I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-future-beyond-academia, you know where to go. I asked the DJ who runs it (Jack Parker) for a quote to summarise it. Expecting him to be pretty reigned in as a BBC radio presenter, I was pretty impressed at his enticing: “COME AND GET LIT AT SKIT YOU PENG YOUNG TINGS”.

You heard him peeps. Heck, I’ll even let you stay over at mine if you ask nicely.



SKITFEST takes place on 13 May at the Hare and Hounds from 8pm-2am. Entry is free.


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