Sophie Hurst

Organisation: A helping hand or counterproductive pressure?

Organisation – it’s that idealistic, calm-inducing entity which we all strive to achieve. Whether it’s arranging pens in colour order, or collating the perfect system to never loose track of deadlines,  an expectation has emerged within society that we must be on top of every element of our day-to-day lives....
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Posted May. 23, 2022

How can we bring girls back to sport?

As with everything in life, not everybody has to enjoy or take part in the same activities. But a recent study by the charity Women in Sport revealed the worrying statistic that, of the 4,000 teenage girls they interviewed, 43% of those who used to consider themselves sporty, had disengaged...
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Posted Mar. 30, 2022

Shane Warne: Life of a legend

As a legend of the cricketing world, since the passing of Shane Warne on 4 March, people from across the world have been shaken by the loss of such a well-known sporting great. Although his career was touched by scandal and difficulty, the Melbourne-born leg spinner had carved himself into...
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Posted Mar. 20, 2022

Warwick’s cross-country season so far

On the 13th November, Warwick’s cross-country squad, WUAX, travelled to Bentley Court Farm in Newcastle-under-Lyme to compete in the first of four Midlands XC League races. The event saw runners covering distances between 6.5km and 8km, in near perfect racing conditions. Freshers, Tom, and Katie were the first WUAX athletes...
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Posted Nov. 27, 2021

Three types of reactions you get when you tell someone you’re British and what I’ve learnt from them so far

The phrase, “Hello, I’m Sophie, a ERASMUS student from Britain”, felt like my best friend when I arrived in Spain. I thought introductions would be a routine operation for the first week and then things would move on. However, one of the most surprising realisations I’ve made so far is that declaring your British roots creates a wide variety of responses.
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Posted Nov. 15, 2021

Letesenbet Gidey smashes women’s half marathon world record

On 24 October, Letesenbet Gidey of Ethiopia broke the women’s half marathon world record by an astounding 70 seconds. In achieving a time of 1.02.52, she became the first woman to break the 63-minute barrier. After a handful of other marathon and half marathon records have been broken over the...
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Posted Nov. 11, 2021

Sport and mental health: pressure is part of the game

Mental health in the sporting world is something which is little spoken about. However, over the last few months, it has become a topic which has become more noticeable among the sporting headlines. Having seen Simone Biles cite mental health as the reason for pulling out of some events at...
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Posted Oct. 6, 2021

Student Guide: Sustainable Living

Sustainable living can seem like a daunting prospect but, to put it simply, it boils down to “making choices that aim to reduce our individual and collective environmental impact”. For students, this is something which can easily be pushed aside, considered too expensive and time consuming. However, as easily as...
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Posted Sep. 28, 2021

Emma Raducanu and a Wimbledon like no other

With a Wimbledon set in the aftermath of the pandemic, it was likely it would be a tournament like no other, and for 18-year-old Emma Raducanu it was just that. Ranking 338th in the world at the time, Raducanu had initially applied for Wimbledon in the wildcard slot and been...
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Posted Aug. 3, 2021