Sohini Kumar

Lion Review

Sohini Kumar reviews the feature film directorial debut of Garth Davis in Lion, a gripping yet heartwarming film starring Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar.
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Posted Feb. 12, 2017

Can Words Really Change The World Around Us?

There is little doubt that words have power. But they are not at the forefront of change. As an aspiring author, I like to think that words can inspire change and elicit reactions so strong that the world is irrevocably transformed for the better. I dream that writers might have...
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Posted Dec. 2, 2016

Best Literary Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is a great opportunity to display your appreciation for literature and its fantastic and terrifying creations. Here are some great ideas if you’re looking to go ‘literary’ with your costume. The Woman in Black Like the character’s name suggests, you can just wear black! A dress is customary, but a...
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Posted Oct. 29, 2016

Art, Fashion and Music: An alternative Freshers’ guide

Welcome to Warwick! In your first weeks here you will find many events, including parties aplenty. But if POP!, Smack and Crash just sound like painful verbs to you, don’t worry; there are a host of other activities to catch your fancy. For those with a flair for fashion, Vintage...
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Posted Oct. 2, 2016

Is owning a TV at uni worth it?

Is owning a TV at uni really worth paying a TV licence? Can it bring people together, or will it just become another way to procrastinate work? Our writers argue for and against bringing the box to uni in a tête-à-tête: Sohini Kumar: “Investing in an actual TV licence seems downright...
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Posted Sep. 29, 2016

Fan Fiction — The New Jane Austen?

What would happen if Harry Potter were in Slytherin? If Sam carried the ring instead of Frodo? If Sherlock Holmes were a criminal? Despite readers’ wishes, the authors of these works cannot, or will not, answer questions like these. This is where fan fiction comes in. Arguments both for and...
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Posted Sep. 5, 2016

Housemate resolutions

Whether you’re a student with limited funds and a few too many bills, or someone with a large group of friends who have a flair for being good flatmates, chances are you will share accommodation during your university years. This has its ups and downs, and through various lessons learnt,...
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Posted Jun. 24, 2016

Review: And Then There Were None

“Ten little soldier boys going out to dine; one choked his little self and then there were nine.” Thus begins the nursery rhyme that sets Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None into motion. Set on an island in pre-WWII England, the story brings together a group of people who...
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Posted May. 29, 2016

One Too Many Kung Fu Pandas

Picture this: Po (voiced by Jack Black), the titular panda of the Kung Fu Panda franchise, is faced with a challenge. He rises to the challenge against all odds, defeats the antagonist, and emerges victorious. Add to all this a splash of humour, beautiful visuals and a philosophical word or...
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Posted May. 15, 2016

The books that changed our lives

We all have that one book which changed the way we look at our lives forever. Six Boar Books writers share theirs… Sohini Kumar I remember reading once that Roald Dahl wanted to make his readers laugh — “actual loud belly laughs.” Fittingly, Dahl’s Matilda is one of the first books...
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Posted Apr. 30, 2016

OMG Shakespeare #nofilter #killingit

In May 2015, Penguin Random House introduced OMG Shakespeare, a series comprised of four titles: YOLO Juliet, srsly Hamlet, A Midsummer Night #nofilter and Macbeth #killingit. Written by Courtney Carbone and Brett Wright, each book is a (loose) interpretation of a play by Shakespeare, translated into modern-day texting language. The books are formatted...
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Posted Apr. 24, 2016