Reece Goodall

Coach Trip

Reece Goodall reviews the latest series of Channel 4's Coach Trip
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Posted Nov. 22, 2014

Galavant, a preview

Reece Goodall takes a look ahead into the new year at Galavant, a new fairy-tale musical comedy from the U.S.
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Posted Nov. 21, 2014

To be or ITV Be?

ITV has answered Reese Goodall's internal (screaming) need for a more 'constant scheduling of top quality programming' with the launch of the channel ITV Be, dedicated to reality television.
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Posted Oct. 29, 2014

The Simpsons Guy

Reece Goodall reviews The Simpsons Guy, the first episode of the thirteenth season of Family Guy and crossover with The Simpsons, a crossover of two juggernauts of television history.
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Posted Oct. 8, 2014

X Factor Series 11

Reece Goodall explains the opening auditions of the eleventh series of The X Factor, 'a horrible juggernaut' to good taste.
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Posted Sep. 19, 2014

Judge Rinder

Reece Goodall reviews 'the abomination' Judge Rinder sorely lacking, even as a guilty pleasure
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Posted Sep. 3, 2014

American Dad!

Reece Goodall recommends American Dad! and discusses some of his favourite episodes
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Posted Aug. 21, 2014

The Rotten Apple

Reece Goodall recounts his week in New York, and how he found the core of the apple to be less than fresh
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Posted Aug. 19, 2014