Noah Keate

Wind farms: a public eyesore or a force for change?

Wind farms, like every renewable energy source, have their own environmental benefits and flaws. In the aftermath of this pandemic, the world will have to decide how it will power itself into a sustainable future. This means greater policy-making and more honest discussions about renewable energy  sources. But, could wind power...
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Posted May. 27, 2020

Last Night I Watched: The Pursuit of Happyness

What is the purpose of life? That is the question individuals have been trying to uncover for centuries. It has proved a testing one to answer. In the modern age, caring for one’s family, achieving financial security and compassion towards others appear the best purposes. Perhaps the definition that has...
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Posted May. 22, 2020

Reflections on choosing not to study natural sciences

Discussions of science have recently come to dominate the news agenda. With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, the words of doctors and scientists are of increased importance. From understanding the virus and how it spreads; the risks to humans; the potential response, medical and scientific advice has been at...
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Posted May. 10, 2020