Noah Keate

What was England’s Little Ice Age?

W hen talking about the consequences of climate change, almost everyone agrees it involves the planet getting considerably warmer. With the burning of fossil fuels for energy releasing carbon dioxide, this traps the sun’s heat in our atmosphere for longer. Of course, the consequences of this – if action is...
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Posted May. 10, 2022

Explaining the Sue Gray Report

With the police handing out fines to government officials, partygate and the Sue Gray Report return to the public conciousness. Noah Keate explains the reason the government was investigated at the start of the year.
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Posted Apr. 12, 2022

The Joy of Entering the ‘Real World’

I often find it perplexing when it is argued graduating will mean entering the ‘real world’. After years of being hidden away in our academic ivory towers, apparently only working on our essays with no understanding of life outside, we will leave and be thrust into what normal society has to...
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Posted Apr. 7, 2022

Sink or Swim? the future of cruise holidays

Cruise holidays are perhaps the definition of perfect escapism. Physically transported on a different location, they provide the perfect catalyst for relaxation without the stress of needing to simultaneously explore a city. Instead, someone can just sit back on a deckchair, watch the world go by and temporarily forget about all their problems. That, after all, is what good holidays should be about. However, like all forms of the travel industry, cruising has been immeasurably affected by the pandemic and different restrictions in place.
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Posted Jan. 27, 2022