Juno Hatcher

In conversation with… Warwick Esports Society

If you’re familiar with Warwick Esports you’ll probably know them as the home of the indomitable Grey Warwick; however, this soc isn’t all about kicking ass and taking names, and they do play more than League. I met with soc president David Chan to talk all things Esports and to...
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Posted Nov. 8, 2017

In conversation with… Nintendo Society

Everybody loves Mario Kart. When we wake up to the very real lizard person threat, I firmly believe that a love of madcap kart racing will be the only way to differentiate between fellow human beings and our cold-blooded overlords. There’s just something irresistible about Nintendo’s games that bring people...
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Posted Aug. 30, 2017

Nintendo’s Most Exciting E3 Yet?

Heading into Nintendo’s presentation, fan expectations weren’t exactly high. They have a history of predictable, relatively safe conferences and nowadays the bulk of their surprises seem to be reserved for their own Nintendo Directs. A warming speech from Reggie Fils-Aimé on Nintendo’s philosophy and a fresh trailer for Xenoblade 2...
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Posted Jul. 6, 2017

Grey Warwick: in a league of their own

With the first gold medal for Super Smash Bros. being awarded just last year and with growing audiences both in person and online, it’s clear that e-sports are on the rise. Surely this is something to be celebrated – if not for the increased likelihood that yours truly will get...
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Posted Jul. 2, 2017

Music got us through: personal favourites of the academic year

Week 10 is coming to a close and with it, this academic year. 6 writers share the sounds that marked their 2016/2017 university experience and they’re all worth checking out.   Little Dragon – ‘High’ and Homeshake – ‘TV Volume’ This academic year has seen a great deal many releases...
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Posted Jun. 29, 2017

How to be an ally of LGBT+ culture

LGBT+ History Month (HM) and Pride both create spaces in which LGBT+ culture can be celebrated openly, and in defiance of those that would rather these ‘lifestyle choices’ remained in the bedroom or – better yet – the closet. As people come around to the fact that those who identify...
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Posted Feb. 27, 2017

A Day to Remember in Birmingham

A Day to Remember bring the Bad Vibrations tour to Birmingham with fellow Floridians New Found Glory and British gems Neck Deep and Moose Blood. 14 years after they first broke out of the Sunshine State, it is no surprise that A Day to Remember have been selling out arenas...
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Posted Feb. 8, 2017

Picks of the Week: 20 January 2017

January is a month for new year’s resolutions* and here’s the first installment in ours: our picks of the week. Cameron Clark – Gravity Rush 2, released January 18 A title that runs the risk of disappearing under the radar, the excellent Gravity Rush 2 launches this week. Building upon...
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Posted Jan. 20, 2017