Jessie Kolvin

The Iceland Christmas advert was cynical, but certainly not political

Nothing gains you notoriety quite like being forbidden. So Iceland found last month with its Christmas advert. The 90 second clip, of a budding friendship between a little girl and an orangutan whose habitat is being destroyed, is succinct and emotive. With Emma Thompson’s reassuring cadences narrating the story, it...
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Posted Dec. 23, 2018

An evening with Carol Ann Duffy in Coventry Cathedral

Often, all you know of a poet is their words. Somehow, though, I am also distinctly aware of Carol Ann Duffy’s hair. I recognise the round head, nestled in a mop of black and grey, from a distance; and in the cavern of the concrete cathedral, it remained all I...
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Posted Nov. 16, 2018

Why millennials are cancelling plans for cosy nights in

Call me a grandma (many people do) but my ideal evening involves a combination of marshmallows, slippers, hot chocolate and a bed, in no particular order. I have turned down an invitation to Kasbah many times – so far away! – to hunker down with a hot beverage and a...
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Posted Nov. 15, 2018

Warwick’s music appreciation societies – part 1

Warwick Bass Society Issy van der Velde and Felix Collins, Presidents Disclaimer: We are not a bass guitar society, as many people on Facebook seem to think… Warwick Bass Society is dedicated to bringing people together through a mutual love of bass-heavy music.  Hip hop, grime, house, bassline, drum and...
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Posted Oct. 5, 2018

My summer reading diary

Being a (joint honours) English student, my ability to read novels for pleasure this summer has been severed slightly, so only one of these reads is a novel. Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy Beginning the hopeful summer with an intense dose of bleak and violent nihilism, I read Cormac McCarthy’s...
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Posted Sep. 11, 2018

Warwick at the Fringe: Love on Blue Canvas, 1890

In the final instalment of our Warwick at the Fringe series, meet the team behind Love on Blue Canvas, 1890. What’s the concept? Swaying between a 19th century art studio and a 21st century art gallery, the play centres around a certain painting by an unknown artist: the engagement portrait of Lord...
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Posted Aug. 16, 2018

Tech detox travel

‘Holiday’: deriving from Old English, ‘holy day’. Which begs the question, do we in the modern day still hold our non-working days sacred? And if we do, how do we ensure them this status?   Using technology on holiday doesn’t just make achieving these ends difficult, it actively hinders them...
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Posted Aug. 5, 2018

Warwick at the Fringe: Artemis, The Merry Misadventures

The penultimate show in our Warwick at the Fringe series, this is the first to feature non-human actors! Meet the team (and the puppets) behind Artemis, The Merry Misadventures. What’s the concept? Shocking words from adorable puppets. Our play follows the journey of Artemis, a little penguin ready to conquer species to become...
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Posted Aug. 2, 2018

Warwick at the Fringe: MTW presents A Monster Musical

All the people we’ve met in our Warwick at the Fringe series are undeniably talented, but this lot are frighteningly so… Meet Music Theatre Warwick’s production of A Monster Musical. What’s the concept? The show is a wacky comedy musical which is set primarily in a bedsit Dracula shares with...
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Posted Aug. 1, 2018