Isabella McRae

Finding the romance in travel in a world obsessed with the internet

Imagine yourself lost in the middle of Paris. You traipse down a cobbled street and stumble across a perfect little patisserie, where you sit for hours over macaroons and steaming cups of espresso, watching the locals drift past. Or you might be at the top of Machu Picchu, your arms outstretched as you gaze over the magnificent view. Or maybe you’re lounging on the golden sands of a beach in the Caribbean, listening to the hush of the sea’s waves.
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Posted Jul. 1, 2019

We have become too quick to politicise human tragedies

Haji-Douad Nabi was a 71-year-old Afghan man. Forty years ago, he fled Soviet invasion and sought asylum in New Zealand, where he devoted much of his life to helping other refugees feel welcomed. He was a father, grandfather, and the first victim to be identified in aftermath of the Christchurch...
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Posted Apr. 6, 2019

Will Brexit weave its way into our wardrobes?

When people voted for Brexit, I highly doubt that they had the best interests of our wardrobes in mind. I’m not suggesting that we’ll all be wearing tweed after March 29 (although that wouldn’t be the worst thing to come out of Brexit), but leaving the European Union will have...
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Posted Mar. 20, 2019