Isabella McRae

Spilling the tea on detox fads

“A diarrhoea special of Black Mirror” is not an image I want to pop into my head when I begin to take a sip of freshly brewed tea, but this is not your average cup of Britain’s favourite beverage. This tea is different. This tea will change my life. Just...
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Posted Feb. 11, 2019

Shakespeare: reinvented for young people in the 21st century

A deep groan escaped the sulky lips of my classmates when my GCSE English teacher announced that we were about to study Shakespeare. It seemed preposterous that we were still being forced to analyse minutely each word written by a man who died over 400 years ago. We thought that...
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Posted Apr. 14, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother: Literary Edition

Once again, Celebrity Big Brother graces our screens. It is known for its big characters, fiery romances and explosive feuds, but what would happen if some of our favourite literary figures were included in the line-up? The Twits Hideously vindictive and comically cruel, the Twits would relish stirring up controversy...
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Posted Jan. 29, 2018