Hannah Matthews

The end is nigh-ilism

It’s a common belief that overpopulation is pushing us towards climate disaster. If this is the case, then surely population reduction, or even extinction, is the best way to control the damage. When looking at the problem of overpopulation, it’s clear that this solution is deep-rooted in society. A recent...
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Posted Dec. 18, 2021

Climate change threatens to ‘wipe meaning’ from the galaxy

If fear of earth-shattering natural disasters wasn’t enough, Professor Brian Cox has now warned that climate change would be a far-reaching catastrophe, which would literally wipe meaning from the galaxy. We learn in school about the jigsaw puzzle of components that form life. Organs composed of cells, which are composed...
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Posted Nov. 6, 2021

Is language learning an innate ability?

Anyone who has ever tried to learn a new language will understand the struggle of trying to memorise vocab, master a tricky grammatical rule, or to perfect your accent. It only adds to this frustration when we remember that young children, who can barely even tie their own shoelaces are...
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Posted Dec. 7, 2020

Should misandrist books be banned?

In light of French feminist Pauline Harmange's essay, which translates to 'I hate men', being banned in France, Hannah Matthews considers whether it should actually be published
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Posted Sep. 25, 2020

‘Queering The Map’: being LGBT+ in the digital age

Throughout history, queer people have been alienated by society, with stories and experiences that differ from those considered the norm. ‘Queering the map’, a digital map created by Lucas LaRochelle showcases these experiences in what they describe as a ‘living, community generated archive of queer experience’. It allows users to...
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Posted Jun. 12, 2020