Cerys Turner

Warwick music roundup: May

Wondering what your favourite Warwick music societies and artists have been getting up to in lockdown? Boar Music chats with SOHLER, Warning Light and more to update everyone on their next steps.
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Posted Jun. 13, 2020

Anthems for your self-isolation blues

With all of these musicians stuck at home, its only natural that they've started to produce work that relates directly to the Coronavirus pandemic. Three writers pick their personal self-isolation anthems, from an American composer to British indie gems.
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Posted May. 2, 2020

Celebrating Selena: 25 years on

Selena: artist, philanthropist and multi-cultural icon, no other Mexican- American musician has been as seminal as the Tejano Queen. 25 years after her death, Cerys Turner looks back at the singer's life and legacy.
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Posted Mar. 31, 2020

Should students support the UCU strikes?

As long as there has been democracy, there has been protest, ranging from the anti-apartheid in South Africa to the Suffragettes of the U.K. In the shadow of such movements, it’s tempting to compare other strike action in a poor light. This is especially true in a nation in which...
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Posted Mar. 22, 2020