Braedie Atkins

Disposable cameras make for the best travel photos

Part of me thinks that by taking too many photos, and I’m guilty of this myself, we become more worried about how the photos turn out rather than what we’re taking a picture of. Disposable cameras, I believe, offer a solution to this, where we can still have our cake and eat it.
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Posted Feb. 14, 2020

How do we pick out the most meaningful travel souvenirs for the people back home?

Wherever we go, there is bound to be a souvenir shop selling fridge magnets, t-shirts, shot glasses, and lighters featuring the flags and national symbols of the place we’re visiting. Yet, do these necessarily make for the most meaningful souvenirs? Ultimately, a meaningful travel gift differs from person to person. However, if it is sentimental to the person you are giving it to, you can never go wrong.
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Posted Jan. 22, 2020

Christmas in Australia: Why I am enjoying Christmas Downunder

For me, the festive period is associated with cosy nights in, dreaming of snow on Christmas Day, and hardly having my hand out of a tin of Quality Street chocolates. However, spending this December and celebrating Christmas in Perth, Western Australia, has turned everything I know about Christmas on its head. It’s all about cold beers in ‘stubbies,’ days at the beach, and not being able to eat so many mince pies, as I can no longer hide behind the winter layers. Despite this, I’m quite excited to dip in the pool on Christmas day to cool off, rather than putting on gloves to warm up when stepping outside.
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Posted Dec. 18, 2019

All prisoners should be able to access student loans

All arguments surrounding the United Kingdom’s prison system can be boiled down to the debate of rehabilitation or punishment. A recent report by the Open University and Higher Education Policy Institute gets to the very heart of this debate. It proposed that prisoners serving longer sentences should be able to take out...
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Posted Nov. 22, 2019

Films that make you want to travel: ‘The Beach’

I remember first watching 'The Beach' when I was thirteen years old, and it has stuck with me ever since. The film, set in Thailand, documents Richard’s adventure- the protagonist played by Leonardo DiCaprio- of finding a paradisal beach hidden by the sea. Although now, aged twenty, I wouldn’t regard it as the best film I’ve ever watched. However, I will always be thankful for how it posited me into another world whenever I would put the disc into the DVD player in my living room. And most importantly, I owe it another thank-you for still giving me a sense of wanderlust after all these years.
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Posted Sep. 6, 2019