Bailey Agbai

Who is Kamala Harris?

As 2020 nears to a much anticipated close, the world must first face the US presidential election. Its November date looms as Americans prepare to vote in yet another inevitably historic election. Standing against Republican nomination Donald Trump, Joe Biden is running as the Democratic nomination with Californian Senator Kamala...
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Posted Sep. 18, 2020

Blood, sweat, tears: the dark side to fast fashion

Fashion is a £26 billion industry. being this large, it naturally has an adverse effect on both the planet and its population. With the use of toxic textile dyes, fashion is the most polluting industry on the planet after oil. As worrying as the environmental consequences are, the use of a...
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Posted Aug. 10, 2020

Institutionalised racism in the music industry

Racism isn't just ingrained in the music industry - it's an institutional disease. Where does it find it's roots, and how is racial bias and prejudice still promoted in a sector that purports to be at the forefront of diversity and inclusion?
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Posted Jun. 25, 2020

Why describing music as ‘urban’ is outdated

The Black Lives Matter movement has caused mass revisionism and reflection across all industries - music is no exception. After Republic Records removed the use of the term 'urban' from their company verbiage, Bailey Agbai discusses what the connotations of the term are, and why we too should remove it from our language.
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Posted Jun. 17, 2020