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TW: “Campus is the biggest trigger”: PTSD and university

TW: sexual violence, suicide, mental illness. When campus is the biggest trigger for your mental illness, it makes studying almost impossible. I suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and this comes with numerous difficulties which are tough to cope with at the best of times and even harder to come...
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Posted Mar. 16, 2017

Changing your mind: Should we define ourselves?

Compared to school, family life and work, life at university is a fairly sexualized place. For most people it is the time after moving out of your parents’ house, and before getting married, where you can be free to explore without prying eyes. If you are not heterosexual this means...
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Posted Feb. 27, 2017

Sports uncensored: Baring all for charity

“I’m disappointed in you.” Quite possibly the most earth-shatteringly awful words that you can hear from a parent. What could I have done to elicit such a response? Failed a module? Got pregnant? Taken drugs? No, I participated in my rowing team’s charity naked calendar. I am not ashamed of my...
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Posted Dec. 1, 2016

Student Focus: The lasting effects of spiking

There was an overwhelming sense of disorientation and shame that I felt when I woke up in bed with someone who wasn’t my partner. Just before I went out that night, I was telling some friends how great things were going with my partner. A few hours later they were...
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Posted Nov. 13, 2016

Sitting on the sidelines

A Warwick student shares their personal struggle with having a sibling suffering from mental health issues There have been many articles written on what it is like to experience depression and anxiety as a student, which is wonderful and will hopefully help combat the stigma surrounding mental illness. However, I...
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Posted Oct. 23, 2016

Undefined defined

How can you define as undefined? I think that’s the most common question I get when I explain what the U in LGBTUA+ means.
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Posted Mar. 16, 2016