Andrew Kersley

Andrew Kersley’s Highlight of 2017

For me Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is definitively the best game of 2017. I say this mainly because, on my first run-through – rather shamefully might I add – I played through it all in one prolonged sitting – something I very rarely do. They didn’t think of direct profitability or cold...
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Posted Jan. 30, 2018

Should the masses be so critical about Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Upon starting up my seventh playthrough of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the thought “I have no life” was the first that flashed across my mind. My second was of what exactly kept pulling me back into the game in spite of the fact that it’s almost universally despised. For a moment I...
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Posted Dec. 19, 2017

Horror picks: Until Dawn

When choosing a Halloween horror game, obvious classics come to mind. Could it be the lonely darkness of an empty space station where monsters stalk every shadow like Dead Space? Maybe the panic of being hunted by evils far beyond your power like in Amnesia or Outcast? Or even the...
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Posted Nov. 21, 2017

Leamington as the happiest town must be a joke

Last week a man was almost beaten to death outside my house. Dismayed and on the phone to emergency services, I watched him roll around in agony from his injuries. Eventually he stood up and lumbered away from the scene, gripping the collar of a Staffordshire bull terrier in one...
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Posted Nov. 7, 2017