Katie Jones

Manchester: what to go and see

Fancy a city break in the North but don’t know where to begin? Look no further than Manchester. A city full of culture, sport, food, and seasonal events, Manchester offers activities to suit all tastes. Where are the city’s hidden gems, you might ask? Read on and then prepare to...
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Posted Dec. 22, 2018

Get to know Warwick STAR

During our time at university, we have the opportunity to integrate ourselves into the local community in several ways, primarily through volunteering. Many societies provide us with the chance to directly engage with the local population. We were fortunate enough to speak with Sam Percival from Warwick STAR, to discuss...
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Posted Dec. 3, 2018

Interview with an Erasmus Student

With a year abroad being such an enriching experience for many, it is not surprising that Warwick students are often keen to share their stories of studying overseas. As exciting as these recollections may be, we have a tendency to overlook the inverse. It is a rare occurrence that we...
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Posted Nov. 30, 2018

Welcome to winter: a guide to surviving the British weather

Icy breezes, the aftermath of Fresher’s Flu and pumpkin spiced lattes appearing in Starbucks can only mean one thing: winter is truly on the way. Of course, the season brings with it the obvious perks of cosy catch-ups amongst friends over hot chocolate and a range of festivities. However, following...
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Posted Nov. 19, 2018

How to explore Northern Europe on a budget

With reading week fast approaching and many already planning to travel over winter break, what better time for a practical guide on how to explore Northern Europe’s finest offerings in a way that won’t eat into your overdraft? Whether you’d prefer a canal cruise in Amsterdam, a historic tour of...
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Posted Nov. 2, 2018