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What makes reading on holiday so appealing?

When was the last time you read a book you really wanted to read? In full? For pleasure? With our seemingly never-ending list of things to do at university, it is often difficult to find the time to read something other than course material. As such, it would be unsurprising if the last time you got lost in a bestseller was ‘on holiday’. You wouldn’t be alone.

Finally having the time to read is just one of the many reasons why reading on holiday is something that many of us look forward to all year. Whether you’re lying on a beach in Mexico, cosied up in a chic Parisian café or on a campsite in Norfolk, reading on holiday has no rules. This is part of what makes it so satisfying: you can read exactly what you want at your very leisure. Forget that endless report you’ve been ploughing through for your dissertation! Disregard having to read in time for the next pressing deadline on your list! Reading on holiday can be enjoyed as you wish, still allowing ample opportunity for you to spend time with family or go for a swim.

the chance to read in a different language becomes instantly more accessible

Another bonus exclusive to reading on holiday is that of the hotel library. If you’re lucky enough and are eager to explore texts other than those stowed away in your suitcase, you may find that your accommodation offers some literary gems. Some hotels stock their own capsule libraries for avid readers. If you’re staying in a villa, previous guests have been known to leave behind tantalising holiday reads, once loved but now ready for the next occupant. Something as simple as spending the night away from home may introduce you to a treasure trove of reads you may never have come across in your everyday life.

If you’re heading abroad for your holiday, the chance to read in a different language becomes instantly more accessible and, as such, appealing. Often, one of the easiest ways to improve written comprehension of a given language is to immerse yourself in pop culture publications sourced from overseas. Well, who needs to source from overseas when you’re right at the source itself? Simply picking up a Spanish magazine from the local supermercado may teach an intermediate learner some fresh vocabulary and allow a tourist to be immersed in the popular culture of their holiday destination through the invaluable chance to see which issues are being covered and how. Immersing yourself in another culture while on foreign soil can be a fascinating way to explore different perspectives, whether this is through a local newspaper or a newly-released novel which has taken your chosen destination by storm. Reading on holiday can be as enriching as you wish to make it; the sky is the limit.

you may have already fled the mundane nature of everyday life, but how appealing is another level of escapism?

Some may wish to challenge their perceptions while on holiday. Others long for a form of pure escapism. You would be hard pushed to name a more iconic duo than a few days away and a book you have been waiting to read for months. Indeed, one of the best things about reading on holiday is the chance to escape to another world. Okay, so being on holiday, you may have already fled the mundane nature of everyday life, but how appealing is another level of escapism? The idea of losing yourself in a gripping novel a million miles away from home is hard not to crave when you find yourself buried in assignments.

It is easy to see why reading on holiday is something many of us look forward to (sometimes more than the trip itself!). Perhaps what adds to its appeal today is the fact that reading while away has never been easier. Gone are the days when you would have to cram your suitcases full of books, at risk of breaking the specified baggage allowance. Those who intend to read a book a day on holiday can now go overseas (or up the M6) with a kindle in hand, fully equipped for a break complete with enrichment, relaxation and escapism.


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