Sophie Hamilton

What watching ‘Race Across the World’ taught me about travelling

We are living in the golden age of travel…at least we were before the COVID-19 pandemic completely overturned the travel industry as we know it. With seemingly endless lockdowns and infuriating travel bans grounding us until further notice, exploring the world has become impossible. However, various travel-related TV shows, filmed pre-COVID, have certainly helped fuel my wanderlust.
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Posted Mar. 26, 2021

Will Tom Brady lead the Buccaneers to a historic Super Bowl?

After over 20 impressive seasons in the National Football League (NFL), former New England Patriots star Tom Brady has become a household name and is generally agreed to be the greatest quarterback of all time. To disagree with this would be to foolishly ignore the years’ worth of statistics which...
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Posted Nov. 27, 2020