Sonali Gidwani

International students won’t vote until the SU represents them

In both my second and final years, the Warwick SU sabbatical team has been all-white and annoyingly bureaucratic. I’m pleased to see that an international student, Hok Chiu, ran for SU president. Although change is happening, we still have a long way to go before we elect international student sabbatical...
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Posted Mar. 6, 2017

Liftin shake up transport for students

LiftIn claims to be the University of Warwick’s first car-sharing app. It aims to help students get to university in spite of bus delays, by carpooling with students who have cars and free seats.   Co-founders Alistair Duff, a fourth year mechanical engineering student, and Luke Breen, who graduated in...
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Posted Jan. 28, 2017

Richard Appletree: From Warwick Graduate to giffgaff Money MD

Richard Apletree graduated from Warwick with an integrated Masters in Engineering Management. After a succession of positions at Proctor & Gamble, Telefonica, O2, Tesco Mobile and now giffgaff, he is spearheading the new giffgaff Money venture. The notable and wide-ranging resumé Richard has built for himself would be a dream...
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Posted Dec. 12, 2016

WES: Kenya, the new modes of development

Dr. Peter Wuffli: “The integration of a new, more holistic “one world” perspective that reflects today’s and tomorrow’s realities.” The approach embraced by the Elea Foundation and its Chairman Peter Wuffli, aimed at innovative entrepreneurial solutions, is re-defining the concept of development across the most disadvantaged regions. During the last...
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Posted Nov. 30, 2016

WES: The Uneasy State of European Banks

With Brexit, US presidential election, and the Basel III rules on the horizon, European banks are facing a period of turbulence. Europe is currently witnessing record low interest rates as well as close to anaemic growth, the combination of which casts a gloomy shadow on the profitability of banks. Nevertheless,...
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Posted Nov. 17, 2016