Monika Hartmann

A Student’s Guide to Paris in summer

Paris, the not-so-secret star of many songs, books, and films, is also featured on many peoples’ travel bucket lists. Summer in Paris is so notoriously hot that the Parisians flee the city and go North or South. But as a student on a budget, it still is the best time to visit the city of love because you can spend the entire day outside and – since you don’t need to worry about keeping warm, on the contrary – you can make that supermarket near you your best friend and basically live off sandwiches and fruit. Just make sure you bring enough sun cream, a sufficiently big water bottle, and a hat to keep your head safe from sunburn (yes, you will look like a massive tourist, but if that’s the highest price you have to pay for getting to see all those monuments, so be it).
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Posted Aug. 4, 2021

International Women’s Day: the women who have inspired us

International Women’s Day aside, this week has been one where the experiences of women have been more openly discussed than they have been for a long while. It is only right that we all continue to celebrate women and their contributions to society. In this light, The Boar Features asked...
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Posted Mar. 14, 2021