Lily Thwaites

Period poverty: we’ve been short changed

Girls, we’ve all been there. You’re rushing around from one place to the next and suddenly you have a dreaded realisation. It’s happened. Your period has arrived, with no warning. The red sea is gathering and now is a bad time to discover that you’re out of emergency tampons. The...
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Posted Apr. 3, 2019

How the arts can ease people’s experience in the NHS

It’s a running joke amongst students that an ‘artsy’ degree like film or creative writing is less valuable than maths or engineering. The value of arts within society is often overlooked or underappreciated – with scholarships regularly aimed towards STEM subjects and excluding other less ‘practical’ degrees like English. The...
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Posted Mar. 18, 2019

The importance of art in prisons

To be at the University of Warwick, surrounded by friends and often with a strong support network, it can be easy to forget that not everyone has the opportunities we do. We don’t talk enough about prisons and offenders. We forget that while we were barely starting our GCSEs, some...
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Posted Mar. 12, 2019

‘Write what you know’ is essential

I am a firm believer in write what you know. If you are planning to write about something you have no experience of, it will show in your characters and in your plot line. Why not just go and experience it? However, I know there are limits. Fantasy is one...
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Posted Feb. 18, 2019

What can we expect next from ‘The Crown’?

The Crown is fully on its way back and I can’t wait! Whether you watch the Queen’s speech every Christmas or believe the monarchy is an institution that should be overthrown, The Crown is a fantastic piece of British drama. The Royals have always had their fair share of drama...
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Posted Feb. 5, 2019

Can you visit Barcelona on a budget?

When you think Barcelona, you think football and paella and sun and art. It’s a perfect holiday destination because it has it all: beach, city, clubs, food. And it has a bit of a rep for being on the pricier side. Except it is possible to do Barcelona on a...
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Posted Jan. 11, 2019

Christmas food across cultures

You can’t deny that Christmas would just not be the same without food. It’s a way to bring everyone together, sit with family and friends and socialise without the pressures of work and everyday time constraints; it gives us the chance to relax and enjoy some good company (and of...
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Posted Dec. 12, 2018

Overcoming intimidation at the gym

It’s not that I don’t admire those people who can lift triple their body weight and spend forty-five minutes on the rowing machine, but to me, the gym is a scary place, filled with fit people and large, bulky men, dominating the weights section. Unfortunately, a love for chocolate, biscuits, and...
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Posted Dec. 1, 2018

A reflection on the influential and beloved work of Stan Lee

I think it’s safe to say that a ray of light has slipped out of the world following the passing of Stan Lee. Not only did his work bring together people from all backgrounds and walks of life, it raised poignant messages about society and acceptance. Lee described Marvel last...
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Posted Nov. 23, 2018