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What can we expect next from ‘The Crown’?

The Crown is fully on its way back and I can’t wait! Whether you watch the Queen’s speech every Christmas or believe the monarchy is an institution that should be overthrown, The Crown is a fantastic piece of British drama. The Royals have always had their fair share of drama – from affairs to their questionable German-Nazi roots – and this new season promises even more.

I like to think of the show as a slightly classier version of Gossip Girl. Although, it would be easy to argue that the royal family have a bit more at stake than Serena and Blair! If anything, it’s comforting to know that even those who appear to have their lives together (they’re rich, famous, influential, need I say more?) can still be privy to family fall-outs and cheating scandals.

However, I will be incredibly sad to see the actors from seasons one and two replaced. It just won’t be the same without Claire Foy’s posh accent, the gorgeous Vanessa Kirby or a much slimmer Matt Smith than we saw in Doctor Who. Whilst I am excited for season three, there is the underlying apprehension of what a change of cast could bring.

Will the show be able to maintain a feeling of continuity despite the shift in actors? Will we feel like Olivia Coleman truly is Queen Elizabeth II, or will she feel like an imposter? And can Helena Bonham Carter encapsulate the flirty, fun yet damaged Margaret in quite the same way? I am hopeful, but the doubts are there.

There is some speculation on what will be covered as it is a historical show

The majority of the plot is being kept pretty hush-hush, but the third and fourth series will span the years 1964-76. Fortunately for all us fans, series three and four will be released in quicker succession, as they are being filmed back to back with the new cast. There is some speculation on what will be covered as it is a historical show, so we can pinpoint certain events that occurred during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign from 1964-76.

We can hopefully look forward to a few momentous occasions such as the Apollo Moon Landing and Prince Charles’ coronation as Prince of Wales, plus his initiation into the public sphere. I’m interested to see if and how the show will tackle some large shifts in England as a global power, with the decolonisation of Africa and the Caribbean. It’s a tricky subject to get right, but hopefully, the show will face these events with tact and respect.

There’s a lot for the latest series to live up to – especially the buzz created following the cast change. Although we don’t know much about what the next series of  The Crown will entail, that makes it all the more exciting! The release date is not yet set, although it is expected to be released early 2019 (which is basically now, right?). So, if you want to start a binge-watching session in preparation, now is the time to start!

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