Jess Corne

Our cultural obsession with paedophilia is dangerous

Paedophilia in the 21st century has the same infectious emotional poison as the threat of suicidal terrorists after 9/11. And, as was the case with terrorism, we all got way too panicked. Sexual assault is of course no laughing matter, but there is a danger in being inauthentic about the...
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Posted Dec. 28, 2020

Diana: the woman who will not die

Jess Corne reflects on the recent portrayal of Princess Diana in Netflix's 'The Crown', arguing that the late princess has become a legend that doesn't match the reality of her life.
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Posted Dec. 4, 2020

10 songs you should fear this Halloween

Finding actually scary Halloween songs is like searching for home when ‘darkness falls upon the land’ and zombies which look a lot like Michael Jackson come out to play. I have tried to pick scary songs which avoid the usual knife wounds such as cheesiness, being cringey and predictable or...
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Posted Oct. 31, 2020