Jasmine Parker

How can we justify travel as the planet boils?

With the climate emergency in the spotlight, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the question of whether we, as travellers, can possibly justify flying around the world. A travel journalist, who questioned whether “travel writing — or even traveling — [is] still morally legitimate” seems convinced that with shifting cultural values and a bigger discussion about climate change and what we can do to stop it, his career will soon die out. I, however, wouldn’t be so sure.
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Posted Nov. 29, 2019

Syrian protest in the sunset of democracy

The photo above is one captured by Neville Lai, titled ‘Syrian protest in the sunset of democracy: the unattended stories of human right abuses', which unveils a story that remained with him even after his travels in Germany. The photograph captured Wafa, a Syrian refugee who Neville first met whilst walking through the streets of Berlin: “I wasn’t thinking about the competition at all to start with, it was just a coincidence. I was travelling by myself and I saw these people and I thought it would make a good shot, he told The Boar last Thursday.
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Posted Jun. 20, 2019