Issy Van Der Velde

Deadpool 2: Review

Wade Wilson makes many jokes about the first Deadpool being underfunded and it isn’t until watching Deadpool 2 that I realised how right he was.  Deadpool 2 is bigger, bloodier and funnier than its predecessor. Ryan Reynolds returns as the immortal, foul mouthed and probably clinically insane ‘Deadpool’ in a...
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Posted May. 26, 2018

Why do gamers find control and monotony so addictive?

I’ve lost count of the amount of times my mum saw one of my Sims doing their homework, or saw me organising my house in Fallout meticulously. She’d always ask if I had fun doing it in a game, why didn’t I enjoy it in real life. The best answer...
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Posted Feb. 6, 2018

Apolitical Gaming: Nintendo’s Misguided Claim

“Making political statements are for other people to do…we want people to smile and have fun when they play our games.” – Reggie Fills-Amie, President of Nintendo of America. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment in encouraging happiness and joy to any and all who pick up a controller; however,...
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Posted Jul. 7, 2017

Pokemon Go Updated: the Epidemic of Shallow Videogames

Honesty, I had forgotten that game ever existed. When I heard about the update I was reminded of late walks around town with friends trying desperately to catch every single Pokémon out there. The game was incredibly fun for a few weeks and was even downloaded before the official release...
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Posted Jun. 24, 2017