Georgia Simcox

Using a bullet journal to stay on top of commitments

Bullet Journal. A fast, simple way of note-taking and organising your life. They are supposed to be minimal effort, so that you gain maximum utility and continual use. Perfect for students with busy timetables, deadlines, exams and commitments! Many people like to decorate their bullet journals to make them aesthetically...
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Posted May. 24, 2018

10 tips for staying on top in term 3

With lectures and seminars drawing to a close, this can only mean one thing: exam season. Finding a suitable place to study seems much harder when the library is completely full by 9am. So does trying to learn and retain large amounts of information by plastering revision posters onto your...
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Posted May. 15, 2018

Makeup Shaming- In defence of a full-face of Makeup

I am well-aware that I wear a fair amount of makeup. But I don’t wear it to impress men or because I feel self-conscious, as many may think. For me, along with many other individuals, it is a hobby. Sometimes I will grab an eyeshadow palette just before bed and...
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Posted Apr. 22, 2018

Is The Couple Next Door worth reading?

In The Couple Next Door, Anne and Marco Conti leave their sixth-month-old daughter, Cora, at home whilst they go next door for a dinner party. Armed with a monitor and regular visits at half-hour intervals, they assume Cora will be fine. But when they return, they discover the unthinkable has happened...
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Posted Jan. 9, 2018

What makes The Chronicles of Narnia relevant today?

This week marks the anniversary of both the birth (29 November 1898) and death (22 November 1963) of C. S. Lewis, one of Britain’s most famous authors. Lewis is best known for The Chronicles of Narnia, a children’s series of seven fantasy novels. The series has transcended its original medium,...
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Posted Nov. 29, 2017