Eve McKeown

A Truck Festival review

As the fireworks exploded from behind the main stage and the audience united in singing chants, Courteeners’ set was a perfect finale for a great weekend at Truck Festival. The heat and sun that lasted throughout the weekend – despite Friday evening’s showers was in stark contrast to the mud...
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Posted Aug. 11, 2018

The problems behind whitewashing music

From the beginning of the twentieth century, new genres of music such as swing, soul, jazz, rap and R&B began to emerge, with black musicians at the forefront of their creation. However, over the course of the development of these music genres, white musicians have appropriated styles from black musicians...
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Posted Jun. 24, 2018

Positive action is needed in the fight against university racism

Racism is rife at British universities, and it has been since universities were founded.  The main forms of racism can be categorised into three areas: racism amongst students, racism in the curriculum and racist discrimination by or towards university employees. If we are to end these injustices, it is time...
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Posted Jun. 3, 2018