Emma Wilkes

How to help artists affected by the pandemic

Artists, although not at the forefront of global conversation, have been affected in numourous different ways - however, with that also comes several ways that we can offer our own support, as Emma Wilkes explains.
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Posted Apr. 18, 2020

How we should remember Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain's legacy on grunge, government and Generation X is second to none. Over a quarter century since his suicide, Emma Wilkes explores the mark the progressive musician made on the world of music and beyond.
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Posted Apr. 5, 2020

Mixed-sex civil partnerships are a worthwhile alternative to marriage

After five years of campaigning that took them into both the national headlines and the Supreme Court, Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan can now finally call themselves civil partners. The new law introducing mixed-sex civil partnerships came into force on New Year’s Eve and 84,000 cohabiting couples are expected to...
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Posted Jan. 16, 2020