Daniel Kuburoglu

LISA the Painful RPG Link to the Past

Taking note of the subtitle ‘The Painful RPG’ ascribed to this 2014 indie sleeper hit, one may be forgiven for thinking of it as just another catchy tagline, superficially given to a game to increase its marketability. In this instance though, the label is not only apt, but horrifyingly literal....
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Posted Aug. 12, 2017

Nintendo’s Most Exciting E3 Yet?

Heading into Nintendo’s presentation, fan expectations weren’t exactly high. They have a history of predictable, relatively safe conferences and nowadays the bulk of their surprises seem to be reserved for their own Nintendo Directs. A warming speech from Reggie Fils-Aimé on Nintendo’s philosophy and a fresh trailer for Xenoblade 2...
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Posted Jul. 6, 2017

Music got us through: personal favourites of the academic year

Week 10 is coming to a close and with it, this academic year. 6 writers share the sounds that marked their 2016/2017 university experience and they’re all worth checking out.   Little Dragon – ‘High’ and Homeshake – ‘TV Volume’ This academic year has seen a great deal many releases...
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Posted Jun. 29, 2017

Game of the Year – Part 1

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e begin our Game of the Year countdown with one of the best games of the year that wins our Best Sports Game as well as perhaps one of the worst. It’s so plagued with bugs and glitches that it gets an award all of it’s own. Stay tuned in for...
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Posted Jan. 30, 2016

Boar Jukebox: Eerie Classics

Halloween may now be behind us, but any unsatisfied scare-seekers can still get their share of the spooks by listening to Boar Music‘s selection of nightmarish tracks… Immortal Technique: ‘Dance With The Devil‘ Jeevan Sahota For those unfamiliar with the New York rapper’s infamous tale of brutality and murder, ‘Dance With The...
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Posted Nov. 11, 2014

Pale Communion

Perhaps one of the most talked-about bands in the progressive rock / metal scene, Opeth recently took a large step in a different direction with their 2011 release Heritage, which was met with a rather mixed response. 3 years have passed since then, and Opeth have once again returned to...
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Posted Nov. 6, 2014