Daljinder Johal

Can we put a price on art?

H[dropcap]ow much would you pay for a painting? A sculpture? An installation? There’s plenty of debate on the value of types of art, but how much do we even value art overall in comparison to all the other commodities our society offers? Very little comes for free. Take the noteworthy...
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Posted Jul. 22, 2017

Gender blinding: for better or worse?

As Shakesoc’s latest production of The Merchant of Venice has shown, shaking up classic plays with modern settings or gender blind casting has been incredibly popular in recent years, but is this a benefit for theatre and if so, why is it important to continue these changes? For Shakesoc’s production,...
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Posted Jul. 19, 2017

Should we take time out after university?

The former Chief Executive of UCAS, Mary Curnock Cook, recently urged students to avoid the unnecessary pressure of job-searching while still in higher education and made a compelling point that the “obsession with graduate employment within six months is unhelpful” when “students may need to take some down-time after the...
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Posted Jul. 9, 2017

Do we really need exams?

I’m luckily one of those people who has a bit of a knack for exams. Why? Well, despite my slight worry that university has killed my intelligence from a constant lack of sleep (bad mattresses also have a lot to answer for), I’m one of those lucky people with an...
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Posted May. 12, 2017

How could a writers’ strike hit TV?

If you’re just as addicted to American TV shows as I am, there’s another reason to dread the beginning of May, other than exams. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has again threatened to strike from May 2 in a pay dispute, stating that writers have lost 23% revenue in...
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Posted Apr. 20, 2017