Beth Kynman

Ode to a fresher – Beth Kynman

My first term at university ended with me having a breakdown in my room. My parents drove down from home to see me, and when I talked to them after about it afterwards, they said that they believed they were coming to pick me up and take me away from...
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Posted Aug. 13, 2017

Sheffield: The Full Monty

Made famous by the Arctic Monkeys, The Full Monty and its steel making history, Sheffield is a metropolitan city that brings together history and culture. Since it is a bustling student town, with shops, bars, restaurants, museums and a thriving nightlife, it’s the perfect place to visit for a weekend...
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Posted Jun. 5, 2017

A crash course in coding

Whether you have some time to kill after exams or just need an excuse to procrastinate, Beth Kynman has rounded up some of the best resources for teaching yourself the programming basics.
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Posted May. 31, 2017

SciTech’s weekly round-up #2

From zombies to spaceflight, Beth Kynman tells us what’s been happening in the world of science this week.   1. Spinach used to create working heart tissue While attempting to 3D print tissue has proved unsuccessful in the past, researchers from Worcester Polytechnic Institute have instead used spinach to create...
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Posted Apr. 9, 2017

SciTech’s weekly round-up #1

Beth Kynman talks through her favourite science stories of the week- from life-saving surgeries to David Attenborough. 1. Sir David Attenborough has a fossil named after him Researchers at the universities of Oxford, Yale, Leicester and Imperial College London have named a 430 million-year-old fossil after the popular nature broadcaster...
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Posted Mar. 31, 2017

Emeritus Warwick Professor Wins Prestigious Book Award

Ian Stewart, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Warwick, has been awarded the Euler Book Prize by the Mathematics Association of America (MAA). The prize is awarded annually to authors of outstanding mathematical books which are eloquently written and positively impact the public view of mathematics. Stewart’s text,...
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Posted Jan. 11, 2017

Are mind controlled toys the future of Christmas?

With Warwick being such a research focused university, it’s not surprising that research here is pushing boundaries in many different disciplines: from politics and statistics to medicine and astrophysics. The School of Engineering is no stranger to making advances in its field, and now a project led by Professor Christopher...
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Posted Dec. 24, 2016

The race to Mars: Elon Musk stakes his claim

Elon Musk believes that as a species we have two options for our future: we either stay on Earth and eventually become extinct, or we become a ‘multi-planetary species’ and create a new civilisation on Mars. At an inspiring conference on the 27 September in Mexico, Musk- the co-founder of...
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Posted Oct. 10, 2016

Welcome (back) to Planet Earth: The return of Tim Peake

After being in orbit for 186 days, witnessing almost 3000 sunrises and sharing over 700 photographs, Tim Peake, the British astronaut on board the International Space Station, has had to readjust to life back on Earth after he returned on the June 18. Looking retrospectively, his mission, Principia, had two main...
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Posted Jul. 25, 2016