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SciTech’s top picks for freshers

The start of the university year is the perfect time to invest in some cheeky bits of tech to help you with your degree and generally deal with student life. Whilst your student loan is still fresh in your bank account, why not try some of these…


Ask a Warwick student if they’ve have heard of the Campus app, and most will say yes- and for good reason! It links with your timetable and alerts you when and where you next lecture or seminar is. It’s available on Apple and Android, easy to use and very helpful, especially if you’re running late and can’t remember where you’re meant to be heading.

There are loads of productivity apps out there, so it’s worth doing some research. The Forest app is a good one, since you grow trees for however long you stay focused and off your phone. The trees die when you get distracted, along with your soul. Maybe.

To help with those 9am lectures, the Sleep Cycle app aims to wake you up as gently as possible. By tracking the sounds and movement you make in your sleep the app wakes you up during your lightest sleep cycle, easing you into the new day!

Got lots of train travelling to do? The Trainline app is great for buying tickets on the go or checking train times. The app remembers your card details too, so is perfect for booking last minute rides to visit your friends!

If none of these take your fancy, check out some more of SciTech’s recommendations here!


Picture the scene: you start university with the best intentions to go for a run every other day, join the gym and play for a sports team. This dream will probably never manifest itself into reality – sorry –  but having a Fitbit still allows you to track your steps walking to Westwood and climbing up the library stairs. It all counts as exercise, right?

Making a good impression in halls is important, and if you’re the owner of a lovely Bose portable speaker, you may be well on the way to legend status. It’s super easy to use as it connects over Bluetooth, meaning everyone can take a turn at controlling the music. Whipping it out at pre-drinks is a sure-fire way to share your eclectic music taste and get the party started! Just don’t be the person playing loud music all the time.

University is a place for making memories, but did it really happen if you don’t have photographic evidence? The answer is no. Having an instant camera like the Instax Mini 8 or a Sprocket which prints from your phone lets you have lovely photos to remember all the fun times.


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