April Roach

Deputy News Editor.

First-year English Literature and creative writing undergraduate, aspiring journalist, blogger.

Warwick’s Student Union backs NSS boycott

Warwick’s Students’ Union (SU) Officers are campaigning to boycott the National Student Survey (NSS) due to their beliefs that it undervalues teaching and will allow tuition fees to increase further. Every year students are contacted and asked to complete the NSS. The survey is aimed at final-year students and asks...
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Posted Jan. 19, 2017

Warwick SU Officers stand in support with NUS President

Three members Warwick’s Students’ Union (SU) Sabbatical Team have signed an open letter to the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) in disagreement with the report’s findings on antisemitism in the UK. The report specifically condemns the National Union of Students (NUS) President, Malia Bouattia, for calling Birmingham University a “Zionist...
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Posted Oct. 30, 2016

Warwick SU launch POP! wellbeing stand

Chloe Wynne, Welfare and Campaigns Officer at Warwick Students’ Union (SU), has recently set up a new wellbeing stand in the foyer of POP! which both promotes the importance of student welfare and mental health.   The stand offers students condoms, sanitary products and advice cards, along with other free...
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Posted Oct. 19, 2016

Rise in EU students applying to British Universities

Reports show an increase in students from the European Union (EU) applying to British universities for the year 2016-17, after Britain voted to leave the EU in the June referendum. According to the Telegraph, the number of EU students applying to UK universities rose by 11% this year, the highest...
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Posted Oct. 1, 2016