Amy Beecham

How does university funding differ by department?

As the new WMG building, in all its glass-front glory, opens this month, many Warwick students (particularly those hailing from the crumbling ruins of the Humanities building) will be bitter with course envy not for the first (and certainly not for the last) time. Believe me when I say that,...
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Posted Dec. 12, 2018

The rise of essay mills

The nerdy kid being paid to do their schoolmates’ homework has been a failsafe trope for decades’ worth of teen movies. Now, it has evolved and created an epidemic of cheating in academia. The Telegraph recently reported that “as many as one in seven university students have cheated on their...
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Posted Oct. 20, 2018

The relationship between social media and book cover design

Does social media influence book cover design? is a question Holly Connolly of The Guardian asked readers last week. My answer: what doesn’t it influence? Social media is undoubtedly the strongest marketing tool targeting modern consumers. It changes and dictates what we eat, wear, watch, think, and now read. But not...
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Posted Sep. 13, 2018

Learn from Literature: menstrual magic

In my first year of university, I was offered an incredible opportunity. A sustainable, organic sanitary item brand approached me to become their first student ambassador, promoting and selling menstrual products on campus – and keeping the profits. But I turned it down, for a reason I’m very ashamed of:...
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Posted Sep. 3, 2018

Review: The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh

When I first read Warwick Writing Programme graduate Sophie Mackintosh’s debut, The Water Cure, it was as an advanced proof copy for my position at a magazine feature’s desk. I haven’t stopped talking about it since. The Water Cure takes its name from one of the barbaric practices which the three...
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Posted Aug. 4, 2018

Addicted to (reality) Love

Everybody loves a love story. From Romeo and Juliet to Brad and Angelina (R.I.P, still). From literature’s great lovers to Hollywood’s power couples, we can’t help but gulp down a good romance. But just why are we so obsessed with watching other people get it on, especially on TV? I...
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Posted Aug. 1, 2018