Amber Bentley

Analysis: The Story of Binley Mega Chippy

How does a little-known chip shop on the outskirts of Coventry become a TikTok sensation with queues out the door and its very own song? That is what many have been wondering since Binley Mega Chippy became a viral hit, having previously been unknown.
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Posted Jun. 27, 2022

Art and masculinity in the modern age

After looking at Paul Mcdonald's recent essay, 'Study of Self, Amber Bentley considers how art over the ages has contributed to the hyper masculinity that still exists today and whether art can break down these barriers, something that is especially important to think about during Men's Mental Health Awareness Month.
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Posted Nov. 22, 2021

The Turner Prize 2021 comes to Coventry

This year's Turner Prize is being hosted pretty close to home: in Coventry's Herbert Gallery. Amber Bentley gets an exclusive preview of the show and commends its efforts to highlight the importance of community and what makes Britain Britain.
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Posted Oct. 6, 2021

Keeping your wanderlust alive in lockdown

Being stuck inside for a long period can mean we forget about being anywhere else other than binge-watching boxsets on our sofas. It can lead us into a lazy routine of negativity and forgetting to keep some idea of what we want to do once all this craziness is over....
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Posted Apr. 27, 2020