Keeping your wanderlust alive in lockdown

Being stuck inside for a long period can mean we forget about being anywhere else other than binge-watching boxsets on our sofas. It can lead us into a lazy routine of negativity and forgetting to keep some idea of what we want to do once all this craziness is over.

As a travel lover myself, thinking about my next adventures kills time during the long hours of quarantine and keeps my sense of wanderlust alive. In many ways, my wanderlust has never been more alive. Being stuck in the four walls of my house means there is nothing more I want to do than explore what is out there.

I have always been told that life is short but never truly understood that until having to spend the prime of my life, as a nineteen-year-old, stuck inside the house. Therefore, in these upcoming weeks, it is time to think and plan about the upcoming adventures in our lives.

We must make sure we are fulfilling our prime days, and here are three adventures I want to fill mine with:

Gozo, Malta

A secret haven is the best way to describe this quaint island, just 7km north of Malta, with a mere 31,000 population. My family and I have been coming here for around fifteen years, and with the friendliness of the people and the gorgeous sunshine and blue waters, we see it as our Mediterranean home… if only we had the tans to match!

Although a slow-paced island, it is undoubtedly a dreamy summer holiday. For younger, less family-based, holidays, Malta has a great nightlife and is only a 25-minute ferry ride across the Gozo channel. Furthermore, party boats run frequently in the summer months, dotting around the islands, with Comino (the island sandwiched between Gozo and Malta), being a guest for all the madness. The Blue Lagoon is a notably Instagram-able location.

Yet, the reason I dream about this place so much, particularly in lockdown, is how relaxed and calm it makes me feel. I love enjoying great food – it is renowned for its fish – by the blue waters of Xlendi, looking out to the horizon, reading a book. Or in the evenings, going to the weekly festivals where the church in each village puts on a fantastic display of food, lights, music and dance.

While I am always up for trying new adventures and getting to explore new places, there is no argument that a place that makes you feel the most like yourself is the perfect place to dream about in this lockdown.

What better place to explore than the islands of Greece? They hold thousands of years of history and culture.

Island-hopping Greece

Sticking to the Mediterranean waters, something I have started to dream about in these tough times is island hopping around the Greek islands. There has never been a moment in my life where I have wanted to be Donna from Mamma Mia more.

As a History of Art student, what better place to explore than the islands of Greece? They hold thousands of years of history and culture and I would love to explore new places, such as Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes. Additionally, I think about swimming in some of the lushest waters in the world and eating some of the best cuisines.

Despite still wanting a sense of relaxation, these Greek islands give you a chance to explore and interact more than I would expect with Gozo. Renowned for its fantastic nightlife, it is also a place to think about letting your hair down after being in such a high-stress environment of lockdown. However, it still retains a sense of class compared to the infamous Magaluf-style ‘lads’ holidays.

With the first glimpses of summer sunshine here at home in England, there is nothing more I would love to do than take it up a notch and sit in some Greek sun instead.

The Castles of Germany

Completely in contrast to the last two destinations, somewhere that has been on my bucket list for years is exploring the castles of Germany. When you imagine the castles in your favourite Disney movies, these are the real deal.

In the Gothic styles, these castles sit high in the German forests with their tall turrets standing unabashed against the landscape. One of the most famous and well pictured of the castles is Neuschwanstein Castle, in southern Germany. From photographs, it does not even seem real as it towers against anything beside it.

It is said that “the romantic mountain scenery” influenced Ludwig II when building Neuschwanstein. This is partially what makes all the castles so alluring and intriguing to explore. The scenery surrounding them is just as magnificent as the architecture itself.

Somewhere like this does not need to be a summer holiday destination. As we look towards Autumn or Christmas time, this most definitely should be seen as a hot spot even in the colder months.

Thinking about my next adventures kills time during the long hours of quarantine and keeps my sense of wanderlust alive.

These are only a few of many places that have kept my wanderlust alive in these long, long hours of lockdown. These upcoming months are a time to make sure you make every second count in the many years to come. Like I stressed at the beginning, despite being stuck inside, this a perfect opportunity to plan or even manifest your travels – near or far.

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