Alexander Scrutton

The science behind biofluorescent animals

While lockdown may have put the increasingly eccentric variety of laser lights at nightclubs on hold, a few animals can still throw a rave of their own. Recently, a team of researchers, from Northland College in the USA, discovered that two species of rabbit size rodents called springhares have the...
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Posted Mar. 6, 2021

Is mixing Covid-19 vaccines a good idea?

Mixing vaccines isn’t a new idea. Researchers have been doing it for years, albeit with varying degrees of success. In the past week, a new study run by investigators at the University of Oxford was launched concerning the possible mixing of Covid-19 vaccines. The clinical trials aim to test participants...
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Posted Feb. 20, 2021

Science to watch for in 2021

In a world dominated by lockdowns, virus mutations and spike proteins, it is often easy to overlook  how far scientific research has come in the past 12 months. While the developments of room temperature superconductors might have gone unnoticed to some, there is a lot to look forward to –...
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Posted Jan. 23, 2021