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Students can opt-out of on-campus accommodation contracts for Term 3

Students who currently live on-campus will be able to release themselves from their accommodation contracts for Term 3.

The University of Warwick is giving students who live on campus the option to end their accommodation contract at the start of term three if they will not be returning to campus.

This decision follows the announcement that all first-year exams have been cancelled and that all face-to-face teaching will be moved online due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

If a student decides to end their accommodation contract, they will lose access to their room from 20 April onwards.

The option is also available to students who have already left campus for the Easter holidays, even if they are unable to collect the rest of their belongings before Term 3 is scheduled to begin.

In an email from the Student Services team, the University said: “We recognise that due to the travel ban and the fact that many of you may be overseas you may find this difficult. We will help you to resolve this.”

Students who decide to end their contract are also instructed to “notify Student Finance” and that “your maintenance grant may change as a result”.

There is also further information for students that are still living on campus and intend to remain to do so for the duration of Term 3.

Students that are currently still living in their on-campus accommodation and are unable to return home for the immediate period are advised to contact the University. The email states that they “may ask you to move into a different en suite hall”.

Students who are currently at home but plan to return for Term 3 do not need to take any action but are advised that all non-essential services on campus have been stopped. The Library and all on campus food outlets, apart from Rootes Grocery Store, also remain closed until further notice.

Students who live off-campus but in accommodation supplied by Warwick Accommodation are currently unable to prematurely release themselves from their contract.


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