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BREAKING: Exams cancelled for first year undergraduate students at Warwick

The University of Warwick has cancelled exams for first year undergraduate students, while students in their second, third or final year will undertake “alternative assessments online”.

In an email sent to students, the University has finalised their decisions regarding examinations and assessments after in-person exams were cancelled.

“In light of the developing coronavirus situation, it has been decided that no first year exams will take place for the remainder of the academic year,” the webpage states.

“Instead of teaching and exams in Term 3, first year students will be asked to engage in an online learning module.”

For students in intermediate and final years, “exams will be replaced by alternative assessments online”, including online assignments, an open book assessment, a multiple choice questions test or a spoken test. Decisions on assessments are being made by individual departments.

“We expect that most exams will be replaced by an open book assessment whereby you hand in your work online after a given period of time. That can be 2 or 3 hours, 24 hours or longer,” the University stated.

These online assessments “will take place within the usual exam period in Term 3” and the University is currently working towards an assessment timetable.

The University is updating the mitigating circumstances process for those students who will not be able to take part in the alternative assessments.

“Information for postgraduate taught students will be available on Friday 27 March.”

More information can be found here.


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