Sophie Miller

Plucking up the courage to perform

I barely ever wrote poetry before starting university. I’d had a stab at it a few times, but everything I had produced was quite frankly terrible. Then, all of a sudden I had to, because I was a creative writing student and it was compulsory, and I soon discovered that...
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Posted Dec. 2, 2017

Literary societies you’ll love

Faced with the lengthy list of societies that Warwick has to offer, it’s often difficult to choose which ones to put time aside for. Here at The Boar Books, we have scouted out a selection of literary based societies which you’ll be sure to love if you’re interested in reading or...
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Posted Sep. 27, 2017

Remembering Michael Bond: Paddington Bear

It’s not an unusual occurrence nowadays to wake up and read about the death of a celebrity, but hearing the news of Michael Bond’s passing on June 27th hit me harder than most. At 91, Michael Bond had become a kind of immortal figure to me. I find that happens...
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Posted Jul. 12, 2017