Hazal Kirci

Some Eurovision memories

Tonight, the nations of Europe will once again gather to perform in everybody’s favourite singing contest – it’s the time of the year for Eurovision. In anticipation of the event, two of our writers share their memories of Eurovision. Hazal Kirci ‘Dad! Dad! When’s Eurovision coming on?’ With excited breaths,...
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Posted May. 13, 2017

Iron Fist: Should an adaptation stick close to the source?

Following Marvel’s first Netflix failure with Iron Fist, critics have certainly found much to complain about. Many have complained about the choice to cast a white actor in place of an Asian one, an unsurprising complaint. However, the topic is a touchy one, as it generally is with issues surrounding...
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Posted Apr. 2, 2017

Global Student Stories – 17/2/17

This week’s global student stories include controversy over a veterinary scholarship in Australia, threats of violence against academics in Turkey, a rise in Russia’s foreign student quota and issues over student subsidies in Hong Kong. Australia: Veterinary scholarship under fire for preferring white males The University of Sydney’s new postgraduate...
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Posted Feb. 17, 2017

Memories of Magic: Growing up with Harry Potter

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s  Stone, Warwick readers tell us their memories of growing up with the Harry Potter series. ~~~~ I don’t even remember reading the Harry Potter books for the first time: I was so young that it feels...
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Posted Feb. 15, 2017

Literary Quotes to Beat the January Blues

To be honest with you, unless your birthday falls into the month of January, it probably isn’t your favourite month. Nevertheless, The Boar Books have compiled a whole host of literary quotes to get you through the most melancholy month of the year by putting the smile back on your...
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Posted Jan. 18, 2017

Festive procrastination: simple DIY Christmas tips

Is student life getting in the way of you having some Christmas fun? If so, you’re not alone. Essays and exams have a tendency to suck all festive feeling from the soul. But there is a remedy. Even if you’re not very good at DIY because you have the patience...
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Posted Dec. 16, 2016

eReaders or paperbacks: What is the future of reading?

Any book lover will be familiar with the joy of buying a new book. The shiny new cover, the smell and feel of its pages, even the weight of it in your hands; all things that the eReader can never give us. That’s why, I’m sure you’ve heard, a bunch of us initially...
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Posted Jul. 5, 2016

Anti-Semitism on campus

If someone were to tell me that they were shocked about the anti-Semitic annotations found in that history book, my automatic response would be “but why?”.
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Posted May. 13, 2016

Top tips on how to celebrate Shakespeare

Haven’t yet figured out how you’re going to celebrate the Bard’s 400th death anniversary, or (more likely) haven’t thought about it whatsoever? Not to worry, here are a few ways you can commemorate the greatest man in English Literature (look out for coined Shakespeare phrases along the way!). Go full-on...
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Posted Apr. 24, 2016