Megan Benham

Is Warwick giving us #TimeToTalk?

Despite the stigma that still surrounds mental health, it’s a topic that’s increasingly being brought up in daily conversation. However there’s still a lot to be done. Mental health affects us all. One in four people suffer from mental health problems each year, so it’s likely that either you or...
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Posted Feb. 21, 2019

The best Christmas albums

Michael Bublé, Christmas Beginning this list is the king of Christmas himself… not Jesus or King Herod, but Michael Bublé. His 2011 album, simply entitled Christmas, was the fifth to be released by the Canadian singer. Bublé covers 19 Christmas classics in the deluxe edition of this album, which will undoubtedly...
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Posted Dec. 22, 2018

In search of a sign

Over the years I have seen the following phrase posted on just about every social media: “If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.” Sometimes I had been looking for a sign to hang on, that things would get better. Other times I had been looking for a sign...
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Posted Nov. 30, 2018

Love Island: literary edition

Love Island is back! Once again Twitter is full of opinions, phrases like “muggy” and “my type on paper” are being thrown around un-ironically, and making plans between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm is inconceivable. In the age of crossovers, we can hardly help but imagine… what would happen if...
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Posted Jun. 25, 2018

How to plan a group holiday

If your group chat is anything like mine, it is full of plans that very rarely come into fruition. Simple questions such as what time to meet can cause much debate. With part time jobs, family events and simply wanting a lie in, it’s no surprise that plans fall through....
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Posted Jun. 22, 2018

The petition to end The Tab is confused and counterproductive

‘Student publications are a good thing’, reads the petition entitled End the Tab, End Toxic Student Journalism. The petition is addressed to 39 student unions including that of Warwick and is beautifully ambiguous in intent. For what could be more consistent for a petition that claims to celebrate student publications...
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Posted May. 30, 2018

A review of the long awaited return of Friday Night Dinner

Friday Night Dinner has returned for its fifth series on Channel 4, to the delight of many. This award-winning series follows a Jewish family and their eventful Shabbat dinners, the events of each episode ranging from simple marital disputes to accidentally locking Grandma in the boot of the car. But what is it...
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Posted May. 10, 2018

WALK THE MOON revive pop-punk in Birmingham

WALK THE MOON are perhaps best known for their 2015 hit Shut Up and Dance. For a time no party was complete without it and the song became a summer anthem. Now, three years on, the band have released a new album and are travelling the UK with their Press...
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Posted Apr. 18, 2018

Horror Movies and the Exploitation of Mental Illness

For years, mental illness has been the scape-goat of the Horror genre. Films like Shutter Island, Psycho, and Split are popular examples of mental illness being used as a surprise twist or explanation for why a character is violent: they’re just ‘crazy’. This narrative is not only overused, but highly...
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Posted Apr. 10, 2018