Alex Byrne

The Vietnam Grand Prix is a threat to Formula 1

As part of their plan to market Formula 1 (F1) to a more global audience, F1’s owners Liberty Media have announced that Vietnam will host a new Grand Prix from 2020 onwards. Not only is this addition an unwelcome extension of the arduous F1 season, but it is also a...
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Posted Nov. 27, 2018

Hamilton has shown his dominance in Singapore

The 2018 Formula 1 World Championship is approaching its conclusion, and as usual, the Singapore Grand Prix has proved to be decisive. Once again, it has all but ensured Lewis Hamilton will stand atop the podium as world champion. It seems a forgone conclusion that Hamilton will secure his fifth...
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Posted Oct. 5, 2018

Despite Kipchoge, a 2-hour marathon will have to wait

In many ways the 2018 Berlin Marathon was unsurprising. Eliud Kipchoge, the world’s top marathoner, glided easily to the finish line, finally setting the world record that has long eluded him. What was surprising was the time that he ran: two hours, one minute, and 39 seconds. It is the...
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Posted Sep. 26, 2018

Formula One’s history of underhanded tactics has been overstated

Formula 1 (F1) is a sport of small margins, evidenced by only 0.044 seconds separating Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel during qualifying for the British Grand Prix. With such fine distinctions between teams there are often suspicions of underhanded tactics being used, whether it be different fuel mixes or aerodynamic...
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Posted Jul. 23, 2018