Alex Byrne

Ben Stokes deservedly named world’s leading cricketer

Wisden, cricket’s annual reference book, has named England all-rounder Ben Stokes as the leading cricketer in the world for 2019. Few could find cause to complain, as Stokes’ World Cup and Ashes heroics not only brought England on-field success, but diverted the national conversation towards cricket. It is no surprise...
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Posted Apr. 13, 2020

How do England move on after a Cricket World Cup victory?

There is a moment in Barney Douglas’ cricket documentary The Edge when England celebrate becoming the number one ranked test side. After a moment of elation, there is deflation. The documentary asks: what next? What comes after reaching the pinnacle?  This is a question which now faces Eoin Morgan’s England,...
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Posted Feb. 19, 2020

There are a lot of questions remaining for New-Look England

There’s nothing quite like test cricket. After the end of the English summer a few T20I series and South Africa’s embarrassing tour of India have been scant morsels for the cricket world to feed off. While England began their two-test series against New Zealand, the rest of the cricketing world...
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Posted Dec. 13, 2019

Indomitable Hamilton manages to claim his sixth title

Lewis Hamilton has claimed his sixth Formula 1 World Championship after finishing second at the US Grand Prix. It is difficult to not sound like a broken record now, as this is Hamilton’s fifth title in the past six years. This season, he has been the class of the field,...
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Posted Dec. 6, 2019

The Beatles’ Abbey Road at 50

When The Beatles released their final studio album, Let It Be, it was met with a sense of ennui. The reaction was not that the album was bad, but disappointing, a sad epitaph to the most influential band in pop music.
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Posted Oct. 7, 2019

Australia manages to retain the Ashes after the 4th Test

For the first time since 2001, Australia will return home with England having surrendered the Ashes on their own turf. As the late evening sun streamed through the clouds, England’s defeat was confirmed with Craig Overton caught LBW after making a defiant 105-ball stand. It is easy to say that...
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Posted Sep. 21, 2019

Defining the Political Climate: can music help explain how we feel?

We sometimes find ourselves resorting to music to explain how we feel, or relate in words we understand when things are tough. Can we do the same for the political climate? With Brexit looming, a new PM, climate change pressing and so much more, some of our writers chose their top pick of songs to relate to the disarray of the current world.
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Posted Aug. 20, 2019

25 years since F1 lost Ayrton Senna and why his legacy lives on

Twenty-five years ago, over three million people lined the streets of São Paulo to mourn the passing of Ayrton Senna. Senna was neither a politician, nor general, nor royal, but a racing driver. It is a testament to Senna that his death caused such an outpouring of grief, hitherto unseen...
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Posted Jun. 1, 2019

Lessons from the ancient economies

When tourists marvel at the Colosseum in Rome, or the Parthenon in Athens, they are transfixed with the glory of civilizations far removed from the present. That is unless you are a proud reader of the Boar’s Finance Section, in which case you definitely are wondering about the ancient economies...
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Posted Mar. 15, 2019

Warwick Men’s Hockey claim an easy 2-0 victory against Coventry

A bright midday sun welcomed the Warwick Men’s Hockey kick-off. The atmosphere was amazing and the cheering from the sidelines helped to ensure that Warwick would come away from this match victorious. Following a season of mixed fortunes for the Warwick 1s, there seemed a chance that Coventry could cause...
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Posted Feb. 28, 2019